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Are Massage Chairs Really Worth It?

Are Massage Chairs Really Worth It?

Massage chairs were not designed just for luxury, they can boost your immune system

So you want to buy a massage chair… but they’re too expensive and it’s making you think twice.

Because come on, a massage chair for sale will set you back at least two grand.

So we understand why you’re hesitating and we’re here to help you decide.

So, Why Is It Expensive?

Before we answer the question are massage chairs worth it?” let’s first explore why it’s quite expensive.

Because knowing so will help you appreciate the time, money, and effort that companies put into designing these luxury chairs for you.

  1. Technology and research advancement

    You’re probably thinking that all massage chairs are the same and that there is no significant difference, let’s say between a three thousand and a fifteen thousand dollar Medical Breakthrough massage chair.

    But the truth is, massage chairs are unique from each other. Depending on the brand and main features, they’re not the same because some are more advance than others.

    If you’ve been checking out massage chairs then you’ve already read the terms 2, 3, or 4D massage, zero-gravity, full-body scanning, yoga stretching, heated massage, and air massage.

    These features weren’t pulled out of thin air; companies invest a lot of money to make each chair better than their previous model. 

    Each feature underwent rigorous testing and research to ensure that every time you seat on your massage chair you’ll instantly feel relaxed and forget all your worries.

    And this is no easy feat, it cost companies a lot of money, time, and energy. 

  2. Developing the parts

    A high-end massage chair can be expected to work for up to 15 years. And why do you think that is?

    This is because massage chair companies meticulously plan, design, and create the parts that will perfect the whole ensemble.

    Think about it… full body scanning on a massage chair? Zero-gravity?

    They all sound delicate and intimidating but even with everyday use, you can’t easily break these massage chairs.

Yeah, so no wonder why massage chairs can cost up to fifteen grand! They were designed with careful planning and thought.

And the reason why companies put a lot of money and energy into creating the best massage chair is that they want to provide you with a product that will help make your life easier and better…

Simply because you deserve it!

Massage Chair Vs Going To A Spa

Okay, so you already know why massage chairs like Medical Breakthrough are expensive. But you still can’t help but wonder if going to the spa would be much cheaper.

And the answer is maybe. But imagine this…

It’s Friday night, you had a long and exhausting week. Your back aches, your neck is in pain, and your mind is begging for a timeout.

So you decided to go to a spa and even though you already felt tired, you hauled your body to your car and drove into traffic.

Then after an agonizing drive, you finally made it to the spa, congrats!

However… When you ask the concierge if they can book you for a relaxing massage, they informed you that they were full. You didn’t have any reservations.

How frustrating!

You can’t just get a massage anytime you want, and even if there was an opening you still had to wait for your turn. Your aching, exhausted body had to wait…

But with massage chairs, you get first-class treatment, hassle-free, no waiting time and best of all, you get an unlimited massage without the extra fee!

Imagine, relaxing anytime you want without leaving your home.

Is Massage Chair Good For Health?

YES! And here are the top five benefits you’ll get from owning one.

  1. Improve blood circulation and reduce body pain

    When we stay too long in one position, the blood flow in our body cannot circulate properly because it needs active muscle contraction.

    And this causes a build-up of lactic acid, which will eventually result in body pain.

    But with the different types of roller combined with heated and air massage, you can increase blood flow to your body while also actively releasing painful lactic acid.

    Thereby reducing your body pain in just 15 minutes on your massage chair.

  2. Good for your mental health

    “Are massage chairs good for you?” is a question we frequently get from our clients.

    One study showed that using just a massage chair two times a day for six months effectively reduced chronic stress.

    One thing you need to understand is that massage chairs were created not just for luxury…

    Its makers had a goal in mind and it was to address our increasing need to relax without leaving our homes. They wanted us to experience first-class massage without the hustle and bustle of traffic.

    So no wonder we experience deep relaxation and decrease if not complete removal of stress in our body and mind after a session in a massage chair.

    To answer the question, yes! Massage chairs are more than good for you, they are miracle workers to our mental health.

  3. Helps you sleep better

    Have you experienced falling asleep while a massage therapist does her magic?

    The same thing happens when you seat on a massage chair but even better!

    You fall asleep without the need to wake up, drive home, and get ready for bed because you’re already home.

    All you need to do is turn on your massage chair, relax, and sleep.

  4. Speed up muscle recovery after a workout

    Why do you think athletes indulge in saunas after an intense workout?

    This is because it helps your body recover faster - thanks to the heat that increases your blood flow.

    The same goes with the heating cycles that massage chair offer but with additional features like deep tissue massage and zero gravity technology. 

    Curious about the health benefits of saunas? Check out are saunas good for you article to know more.

  5. Enhance your overall health

    Let’s combine all the benefits of owning a massage chair: improve body circulation, decrease body pain; reduce anxiety and stress, and helps you sleep better.

    These benefits can greatly impact your health by boosting your immune system.

It’s Not About Luxury, It’s About Health…

Massage chairs were not designed simply to make you feel luxurious… no, its creation has a higher purpose.

In a modern world where everything has become so fast-paced, wouldn’t it be nice to have a corner in your house where you can experience true relaxation while also keeping your well-being?

That is what massage chairs offer… A healthier and happier life!

Are you ready to experience a first-class spa in the comfort of your home? Then check out our catalogue and live a better life!

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