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Ari sauna poor quality

We have this sauna now for two year, had to replace many parts and also the outside wood. Its is not weather resisted. Wifi connection isn’t working anymore. The manufacturer says its due to my network, but its one of the best working networks in the world. Also is the door of poor quality. It closes not good anymore.
Bad decision to buy this one. Won’t last 5 yerss i am afraid

A must-have

The Cal Flame Top Gun 5 Burner Conversion Grill is a must-have. Cooks evenly and heats up fast. Love it!

Amazing gas grill

The Cal Flame Top Gun 5 Burner Conversion Grill is the ultimate grilling machine. I love the spacious cooking surface and the burners are powerful and efficient. The sleek design looks amazing on my patio and it's easy to clean. I highly recommend it to any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

This grill is fantastic!

The 5 burners provide even heat and cooking different foods at once is a breeze. Cleanup is easy too. Highly recommend it.

Highly recommend it

If you're looking for a top-notch grilling experience, look no further than the Cal Flame Top Gun 5 Burner Conversion Grill. It's well-built, heats evenly, and has all the features you could want in a grill. Cooking for large groups is a breeze and the temperature control is spot on. I love this grill and I'm sure you will too. Highly recommend it.

highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new grill

I recently purchased the Cal Flame Top Gun Grill and I couldn't be happier. The temperature control is spot on and cooking for large groups is a breeze. It's well built, looks great on my patio

Beautiful pool table

Playcraft is a beautiful table with modern design. It is made in China so the hardware is extremly cheap and the table installer struggled with it. Otherwise the table appears to be good quality. Gameblaze is an excellent company to work with. Idan, the CEO, was personally involved with working out a minor issue we had and made it right. I would give a 5 star review but the table is made in China which is not what I expected.

I'm loving my M3S

I tested it before writing a review. I bought a Megaformer M3S by Lagree Fitness and it was the best decision I've ever made. I'm an active Lagree fitness member but because of work, I can't always go to the gym. Even though M3S is a bit expensive, it's worth it. I actually think that I can save more money by having my own machine than regularly going to Lagree. I'm so happy!

Great quality and it looks good

The Playcraft Monaco is amazingly perfect! I have a small apartment so I really love that I can convert my dining table into a pool table.

Read this before you buy a megaformer

First, I got to say that I'm in love with the Lagree method, but I will give you my best and honest review. I have been training in my local Lagree Fitness studio for a few years now and tried all their Megaformers in every variation. I felt that it is time for me to buy my own megaformer due to my studio being closed for some time now and because I want to step up my game. After my deep research and long discussions with Pilates Reformers Plus experts and my studio owner, I have decided to go with the M3 Megaformer and I don't regret it for a second. It is just perfect! the quality, the size, the features, it has everything I need. Yes, it is not cheap, at all, but it worth every penny. I received it after 2 weeks from the day I ordered it and my husband assembled it for me. I might had to just order their installation service as well because it took him a few days to start working on my project :-)
If you are looking for a professional mega former, the M3 is the one to get.

Five stars!!

The fully loaded option has everything I needed. It has so much more accessories compared to the basic option. If you are familiar with the Lagree method, the Microformer machine is the one to have at home. It is compact and easy to carry around. Shipping was very fast!

the Best lagree machine!

I used the megaformer in my Lagree studio but due to COVID and everything that's been going on I've decided to make the investment and purchase one for myself. The best decision I have ever made. Lagree method really getting me the best results and when having the megaformer m3s machine at home I can workout more often.
The shipping was pretty fast and I also bought the installation service with the purchase so everything was handled for me and I could just start working out. Thank you Pilates Reformers Plus.

megaformer EVO

Very well designed and built machine!

Perfect table

I love this pool table, its awesome.

Excellent equipment

Evo is a latest and greatest! Really enjoying my daily workouts.

I love this machine!

The microformer exceeds my expectations! Lagree is the class I miss the most during pandemic so bringing it home is truly amazing. The machine is a little bulky to handle and just setting up and putting it away can be a workout in itself but I still love using it. One minor complaint I have it that the spring changes are difficult - the knobs are quite difficult to pull out (meaning, I'll have to pause my virtual lesson to manipulate it, but I'll survive).

Lagree Fitness Microformer is Amazing!

I just got my lagree micro former and I'm super excited. Delivery was smooth and I also ordered the professional installation. They assembled it perfectly and I already used it a few times :)
The machine is compact and saves a lot of space in the house. It's not the Megaformer, and you can't perform all the moves on it but it's still worth it. With everything that's been going on with COVID, I'm happy that I can stay in shape using the awesome lagree fitness method. If you love lagree, you need to have one of those.

5 Stars

Table is a good, quality table. Took a full day to assemble thanks to the aid of online installer videos.

Great table

High quality. I am the envy of the neighborhood

Absolutely “love” it

Great addition to our basement. It adds a rustic refined look to the area. Love the lines, the style and the wood looks amazing. Great craftsmanship!!

Service and Quality

I ordered my Lumen HD Poker Table with all the bells and whistles and I was not disappointed. To make a long story short I received the table and chairs a few weeks later and there was 1 damaged box and a damaged chair inside. I followed the shipping inspection rules that are given to us sent in the pictures and talked to customer service. They were very helpful and sent in my replacement chair the very next day! I cant tell you how refreshing it is to be treated as a customer with a true customer service focus. A couple of days later I received another package from BBO with 2 whisky glasses and a Dealer button. This went over and above what was expected but it was nice to be appreciated for being a customer. The table is amazing and built to last! I have my 1st poker tournament tonight and I cant wait to show IT off! Great job!!! Continue the exceptional customer service and quality product.

CES Lumen

They customized our Lumen for the GE VIP Lounge at CES in Vegas. They delivered a stunning gold table for the VIPs and speakers. What an impact! Thank you team BBO!

This table is a stunning centerpiece to the room

Ordering was a breeze and plenty of options available. I chose the Rockwell table (mahogany) with the table top. Red felt cover with a pirate theme. Daylight was the shipper and there was no way to get the truck into my neighborhood, much less my driveway, so he said he could meet me anywhere. I grabbed the truck and trailer and met him down by the Interstate, where he helped to unload and inspect every box. Assembly was pretty straight-forward. I had one question I wanted to ask and a quick call resulted in a personal call from the warehouse in about two minutes. The question was answered and table completed.

Great quality

love the color! Just make sure you take into account you'll need a professional to put together! Looks great in the basement game room:)

The Rockwell...well it Rocks!

My wife bought me this table as a wedding gift and I've so impressed. The table is perfect. It is the highest quality home poker table I've seen anywhere. It came on time and the customizing and ordering process was a breeze. Customer service was incredible in making our table exactly how we wanted. We had it shipped all the way to New Brunswick, Canada with no issues. It came on time and took all of about 30 mins to assemble, it took longer to get it out of the box than to set it up. I will send photos once the room is complete.